Uma Barry is a self-taught, accomplished oil painter who has dedicated her life to the Australian fine art industry. She has received numerous awards from many exhibitions since her debut in professional art in 1988. Her work has been showcased around the world, sold and collected both locally and internationally. She was very proudly a part of the popular television program Colour In Your Life in 2015.

Uma’s early work was inspired by her loving parents from the age of fifteen. Originally from Fiji where art materials were scarce, her very first paintings on Indian mythology were created with Dulux house paints in vibrant colours. After moving to Australia in 1983, the opportunity for Uma to become a full-time artist came to fruition. She was fascinated by the breathtaking landscapes and seascapes of countryside Australia which gave her the urge to create them in oils, her favourite medium. In later years Uma would branch out into florals, still lifes and contemporary pieces in a variety of sizes including miniatures.

Currently Uma is returning to being a full-time artist after being a caretaker for her dearest Mum at home, who suffered with a chronic kidney disease and dementia for 18 months. The period following her mother passing away was an emotionally difficult time for her and painting provided a therapeutic and creative outlet for the wide range of feelings she was experiencing. Art and creativity has always been very important in Uma’s life. To this day they have taught her patience and ways to express herself through her artistic pursuits. She will always be very thankful for the support she has received for it over the years from her loving husband Wayne who enabled her to follow her passion, her wonderful family, her beautiful friends, and her amazing supporters.



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